At Yazdi, we believe accessories are the key to polishing every look. That’s why we search high and low to provide you with a wide array of hats, scarves, purses and wallets, gloves, hairclips, shoes and so much jewelry it required its own page! Whether you need to accessorize an outfit you are purchasing at Yazdi or an outfit you brought from home, our talented staff is always happy to help you complete your look for that special occasion, or just to get some ideas for everyday flair! Here is a list of accessory brands from around the world that are staples at Yazdi, but we always keep things interesting by carrying additional revolving brands.

Asian Eye

Scarves and shawls are Asian Eye’s specialty and passion. They search far corners of the world to bring you this unique selection of wearable art. From silky smooth to highly textured, from gossamer light to warm and cozy, from fun and casual to elegant and dressy, you’ll surely find a variety that will delight and romance. With a love of the arts of Asia, Asian Eye seeks to create a marriage between high-integrity traditional artistry and colors, textures and designs. The result is an exceptional collection which will never be replicated in mass-market, conventional channels.


Banjara is a unique source of Indian scarves and kimonos in contemporary patterns and prints. From ethnic block prints and Asian motifs to traditional florals, there are a whole range of styles and motifs in this line. Dhar Mehta has long imported these beautiful pieces from India where his family owns a textile business. Fabricated in quality rayons, silks, and cottons, all easy care, these creations are a wonderful accessory to any outfit.

Spain in America

Originally from the Basque country of Spain, Martin Venzal & his artists specialize in handmade textiles, hand-weaves, and hand-dyed fabrics to create their lovely scarves and shawls. Using 100% silk fabric and natural dyes, each scarf is dyed in a cascade of color coordinated shades, making each a unique piece of wearable art. Their work has received an award from the American Craft Council and has been beloved by Yazdi customers for years. Gently hand wash for care.


A blend of tradition, imagination and trends, Rapti is the legacy of generations working with textures and trends. Handmade in Nepal, they offer traditional pashmina shawls along with updated rayon and cotton shawls and scarves, offering warmth and sophistication with a distinctive and elegant look


Originally an idea to clothe a mythical “Zazou,” a hipster of early 40’s Paris, Zazou continues to find a way of combining art and artisan to make beautiful textiles at affordable prices. They travel the world searching for perfect fabrics to translate the Zazou vision into scarves, walking the bazaars of Asia and the cafés of Europe in search of the ultimate scarf. They have developed Bamboo scarves and gloves, and continue to look for fabrics and techniques which are easier on the planet. Their designs are sold in museums worldwide, a tribute to the fact that they are the only company that regularly creates ‘Homage’ studies of major artists, composers and art movements as part of their collections.

Hat Stuff

Hat Stuff carries a wide range of accessories including sunglasses, easy and appealing hair accessories, great handbags, nice scarves, and of course their specialty, everyday, user-friendly, and fun hats. Their designs are created with the hope that just about any woman will try it on and smile!


Known for exceptional design, detailed workmanship, and superior yarns, Parkhurst is a go-to for those who want soft and wearable hats. For years, Yazdi has offered a wide variety of styles that are attractive, comfortable, and affordable. Ed Harris didn’t hurt the popularity of Parkhurst berets when he wore one as the director in the movie “The Truman Show”, either!


European Designs imports and distributes the stylish, fashionable, and ever comfortable line of Fidji shoes from Portugal. Fidji strives to support European, family-owned companies who pass along the craft of fine shoe making from generation to generation. They are made with incredibly soft Italian leather and are a huge hit with customers of all ages. Usually this type of style and fashion comes with the sacrifice of your feet. However, Fidji shoes, in addition to their high style, are soft, comfortable and absolutely designed for walking in.

Joseph Griffin

This quality line of imported shoes had its beginnings in the hot coastal jungles of southwest Ecuador in 1991. Since then, Joe Griffin and his wife Rosita have grown their business with production facilities in both Brazil and Italy, and distribution worldwide. The company specializes in exclusive boutique footwear including sandals, clogs, moccasins, and boots. Made of the highest quality materials and the most fashionable designs, their shoes are a delight to wear and very affordable.

Hot Sox

Hot Sox made a lasting mark on the urban fashion scene in 1995 using cutting-edge cut-and-sew techniques for leggings featuring sexy laces and flower-power florals. Evolving into the new millennium, Hot Sox gathers inspiration everywhere to keep design concepts fresh and unexpected. Hot Sox offers everything from sushi trouser socks to comfortable tights, and even a Naturals Collection, featuring bamboo, soy, and flax fibers.


With a goal to combine renewable natural resources, reclaimed materials, environmentally friendly technologies and traditional techniques to produce home and fashion goods, Shiraleah shows they care with their faux leather, vegan collection of purses. They design their own products and work directly with local artisans and producers to assure quality and workmanship. Shiraleah does more than talk about social responsibility – they seek out causes and take action. Three % of all purchases of their luxury fabric handbag collection are donated to a center for disabled children in Hanoi, Vietnam.