A Lookbook for Spring

It is inevitable that the sun will bless us with warmer days… we hope sooner rather than later! It seems to have been especially cold all month, while at Yazdi we have had new clothes and new lines pouring in from all over the world. We are settling into our new space in a positive way, adjusting to the new configurations. Although it is smaller than our old home, most customers are liking it, even commenting they enjoy the ‘coziness’ of the layout. It is fresh & new, lovely in its own way. Change is inevitable and so we have come to our new home. Since we are only 20 feet away from the old space, people are having no problem finding us. We have integrated the plus lines into the whole, out of necessity, and finding sizes is as easy as it ever has been. We await the opening of Aditi Yoga on the other side of the hall from our new space and will welcome the activity & energy they will give the building. Meanwhile we spill out into the hall with a very lively presence of colorful clothes & displays, with just as many beautiful clothes as always! We are restocking sizes daily as the season begins, so it is a very good time to come in & take a look. Here is our Spring Lookbook with a sampling of some of the great new pieces that have recently arrived for the season!