A New Fall Lookbook

Summer is fading at last! The warm days are soon to be past as the blustery rains begin their season. We have loved the summer in our new space with our customers visiting to shop at their leisure. Now, just as the change in the weather seems to have happened somewhat abruptly, we too have been receiving our fall collections in very much the same way, with every day bringing a new onslaught of boxes to process. We have been in a flurry of activity, and the good news is we have processed a whole store full of great new fall merchandise. We are ready for the season now, with an exciting selection of new lines with new styles (as well as popular basics), new prints, colors, and sizes. Our jewels have been replenished with a lovely variety of pieces from all over the world, and our scarves are especially rich to accessorize with. Needless to say, it is a very good time to come take a look at all our beautiful Fall clothes. Here is our Lookbook sampling of some of the really nice, new collections that have recently arrived at Yazdi for the season. And speaking of summer fading, we still have 2 racks of clearance sale items that are now an Additional 20% OFF the marked down prices, as well as an UNDER $20 rack. Enjoy the season and all the best to everyone!