Congratulations to Our Bali Friends!

Every year for 20 years Yazdi has worked with a small, family owned manufacturing business in Bali to produce our clothing line.  We collaborate on the production of the clothes at all levels and over time have developed a close relationship beyond business. Putu, the niece of the original owner (deceased by the time Yazdi came to the company) and  her husband Wayan have been the organizing force and talent behind the production process and I have had a special place in my heart for them from the beginning.  Putu & Wayan would ply me with water in the heat of the day and train their special fan on me to ensure my comfort, and it was hot!  I heard stories & updates about their lives every trip and knew of their difficulties in conceiving a child & the sadness that they had because of it as they got older.  When Wayan told me he would adopt his brother’s 4th child, I was thrilled for them.  At last they would have their fondest wish. The baby Gede was remarkable, absolutely huge by Balinese standards, with a distinctive birth mark right between his eyes as the Buddha has.  When I arrived with gifts of clothing from the U.S. I realized with dismay that at 6 months he was way too humongous to fit in them. Then the remarkable happened…1 year later Putu became pregnant with her first baby, a beautiful little girl, Nadia,  that has made the family complete!  Congratulations Putu & Wayan and Happy Mother’s Day!!