Just in For May

Our very own Yazdi label clothing has arrived from Bali.  The pieces have cleared customs and are waiting for friends old and new to come to Wallingford and take them home at very affordable prices. 

Also just in: 

Flax in Missy & Plus!   Yarn-dyed linens designed to fit all shapes & sizes!  Easy care fabrics, casual in styles & designs, Flax linen is a perennial favorite when the warm weather arrives.

Fridaze Linen  in Plus sizes is a wonderful wrinkle free linen line made with the highest quality linen fabric.  Each garment is hand dyed and laundered 6-8 time, in the process becoming wrinkle resistant.  Creases fall out when hung, making it a great choice for traveling!

Synergy  in Missy sizes is alot of fun this year, with motifs of poppies and peacock feathers appliqued on fun summer styles.  This line is hand made in Nepal by small family owned businesses and produced using organic cottons & low impact dyes exclusively.

Chalet’s Crinkle in Missy & Plus is a soft buttery cotton blend fabric that drapes beautifully.  It is so light that you feel like you are wearing a cloud!  Perfect for travelling!

Fidji Shoes  are handmade in Portugal with incredibly soft Italian leather.  Now on special promotion at 20% off through the month of May!  In addition to their high style, they are soft, comfortable, and absolutely designed for walking in.

Eucalyptus  is a cotton clothing line that donates 10% of it’s before taxes sales to support programs for better healthcare & education for the women & children of a small highland village in Guatemala where the cotton is grown.  Great casual tops, solid & embroidered,  in quality hand dyed cottons, preshrunk, with vibrant colors for the summer.  

Coobies have arrived, the most comfortabe, seamless, inexpensive bra ever, in new fresh spring colors!
Maxi Dresses  We have a fabulous collection of maxi dresses, some batiked, some knits, some stripes. Fun summer wear!.

Mystree has feminine spring tops in crochet & lace….lovely for summer eves.

Dairi   More styles have just arrived in Plus sizes!  A rayon blend exclusive to Morocco, Dairi is friendly to many shapes & sizes and drapes in all the right places.

Wind River  with soft open knit cardigans perfect for lightweight spring & summer wear.