We love holidays and Mother’s Day is one of the best because it celebrates the central figure in so many facets of our lives and culture, even if she seldom gets the credit.  To honor the memory, (or the idea, at least), of busy Mom’s grand baking we are again this year giving away one delicious Trophy cupcake with every purchase made at Yazdi or Yazdi II on Saturday and Sunday, Mother’s Day.  Trophy is here in the Wallingford Center so it is super easy to claim your freshly baked in the building prize.  

It is a wonderful time to be shopping at Yazdi because our own Yazdi Lines of Bali batiks and comfortable summer rayons have arrived.  The values are especially good this year.  If you got our latest never more than once a month email you have the details.  If not, please click on the link directly below to view our email.


We had some problems this month with the ongoing changes the big boys, (Yahoo and Google especially) have seen fit to implement against spam.  Although innocent and sweet, we were rounded up in this spam patrol.  A related technical problem meant that if you have an @gmail account, (20% of you), you got our email two days in a row and you probably did not see it once because it went to the spam folder which is now hidden away from the inbox screen.  We can only hope and trust that these computer boys and girls are better to their Mothers.  Happy Mother’s Day!