Since the ending of our Annual Winter Sale new jewelry of all varieties has been arriving at the shops!  Our buyers have found special treasures to begin the new season.  There are semi-precious, one-of-a-kind Charles Albert stone pieces set in 0 carat gold called ‘alchemia’, (high quality lead free, nickel free, faux gold).  Beautiful, exotic, earring designs by Sita, semi-precious stones set in sterling silver have also just come in.  We have new hoops, new studs, new chains, and new necklaces from India.  We have new, fun, and affordable earrings of all shapes and varieties.  Just in yesterday are hand carved wooden earrings from Forest Life Creations.  Lightweight & organic, these pieces are elegant in a mysterious way, echoes of the forest.

New clothes are arriving too, in a trickle that will become a flood very soon!  We have gotten some lovely Tencel pieces in spring colors from Tianello as well as some pieces, (more to come) from their new printed, washable silk line. Tribal from Canada also arrived last week, looking fresh and imminently wearable for Spring!  Nomadic Traders is arriving this weekend with some great specialty pieces, as well as the first shipment of the Wild Woman’s batik collection and lightweight knits for spring. Also on the radar, coming very soon, (as in next week) is our ever popular Comfy USA line, in both missy and plus sizes.  New colors, new stripes & new styles in their super comfortable, natural beechwood modal fabric.  We will try to keep you posted as the clothes arrive, but be sure to check our Yazdi Seattle Facebook page for up to the minute updates from the shop.  FYI our ‘friend’ Facebook was deactivated last week as we have a business ‘like’ page instead. Rather than confuse our friends and keep up both sites, we have opted to put all our eggs in the one basket.  We hope all our deactivated ‘friends’ navigate over to our one & only Facebook page when checking out what’s going on at Yazdi!