We’re Closed, See You In April!

To All Our Dear & Faithful Customers:

It is now official that Yazdi at the Wallingford Center will be closed for the next few weeks! Management is taking steps, as is most of the rest of the World, to combat the spread of the Dreaded Virus by closing down the upstairs of the building. We are hopeful, as is everybody else, that this will slow the rates of infection down to a level that our Healthcare System can manage, thereby resulting in fewer deaths of the very sick when we do start to venture forth again. We are hopeful that the country will, after a certain & unknown amount of time, get back to living & business as usual, with the very sick being given adequate, lifesaving care with medical supplies stabilized & available.

With that in mind, we think Yazdi may be able to open after Seattle’s K-12 Spring break, on Monday April 20th. This is not set in stone, but we feel it may be a reasonable ‘target’ date to open our doors again, if not sooner. We have been getting many lovely Spring / Summer clothes in before things went South and nobody has been able to shop yet. There are more clothes to come, but that must wait. As you may suspect, we are struggling with the deep damage this is doing to our wonderful business, but with your future support we hope to keep Yazdi standing after we get through the worse here. Please check our Facebook for future announcements as to when we will reopen, but for now April 20th is the hoped for date.

Meanwhile, the heart and soul of our business, you, our dear customers, must take the best care possible of yourselves. We wish you good health and good cheer in this imposed isolation and pray that it may end sooner rather than later!

Fondest Regards from all of us at Yazdi…