Happy New Year to one and all! ‘Tis the season fast approaching for our Annual Winter Sale, the grand finale to a great season!  This is one of only 2 sales a year at Yazdi, so it really is a special event.  The savings are substantial and worth getting in on!  We still have a very good selection of clothing, sweaters, jackets, and more, with savings up to 50% off on some pieces. All jewelry will be 20% off and every scarf and every hat will be discounted 30%.  It is a great time to shop at Yazdi for end of the year bargains, as we make way for the new season to come. Be sure to click on the coupon box above to avail yourself of our additional $10 off any purchase over $50.  One coupon per sale please, but you may use a coupon for multiple sales over the 3 weeks of the promotion.  The Winter Sale begins on Saturday, January 10th and continues through Sunday, February 1st.   Sign onto our email list if you haven’t already, (click on the brown box).  We’ll send you a link to our coupons and monthly promos, as well as interesting and useful news of new arrivals and sales (never more than once a month!).  Patrons who use gmail will find our infrequent emails on their promotions tab. All the best to everyone….we hope to share with you our love of beautiful clothes in this new year!  Our latest email, (about the winter sale), is now out.  If you would like to view it click or tap this link:  Winter Sale Email.