Yazdi Reopens Saturday June 6th!

After a long sleep our beautiful clothes are awakening to a Second Spring, just in time for summer. We are nothing without our customers and we have missed you all very much! We hope you have been well in both health and spirits. Our lives have been changed so suddenly…it has been strange in so many ways. But we may all agree there is the hope the awful pandemic may lead to a positive paradigm shift in how we face the challenges ahead.

It is no secret the quarantine has hurt a multitude of vibrant, much loved small businesses, some of them irrevocably. We received many of our Spring clothes in early March, just before the shutdown, that no one has had a chance to even see. We have had to cancel many orders that we loved and hoped to offer to our customers this season but were simply unable to take. It has been very painful, to say the least. But on a positive note, (despite the ugly finances of it all), we are full of great new spring / summer clothes that have not been shopped yet.

We are opening at the beginning of Phase I.5 with the blessings of the powers that be in Washington State. On Saturday June 6th we will start new hours to address a new future. The hours are minimally reduced throughout the Wallingford Center building and will be Monday thru Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5.

Please be aware that Yazdi is strictly adhering to state requirements for in-Store Retail operations. Some of those are as listed below:

1) We will offer ‘contactless’ pay options

2) We require all staff & customers to wear face masks (we have some coming from Bali in batiks that match our clothes that will be free with purchase!)

3) We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout the store.

4) We will have a ‘safety shield’ at the desk for purchases & interactions.

5) All dressing rooms will be sanitized after each use.

6) All clothes tried on will be (unless purchased!) set aside for 24 hours behind the desk. If they need to be tried on within 24 hrs we will thoroughly steam those items beforehand. STEAM KILLS VIRUSES!

7) We will offer disposable gloves if desired.

8) We have purchased 2 large Air Sanitizers w/ UV-C lights that kill 99% of viruses. One will be in dressing room area, the other in main part of shop.

9) There are no crowds at the Wallingford Center, alas! It is an empty building which is sad but also good in that social distancing is a breeze!

10) Speaking of which, ventilation is a good thing and we are opening up several windows to let the breezes waft throughout the shop.

11) Every morning we will deep clean the shop with a certified disinfectant.

12) The Wallingford Center Building has been thoroughly disinfected from top to bottom by management , including all ventilation systems. Of course it has been closed to the public for 10 weeks, since late March.

We sincerely hope that our customers, those that venture forth, will have confidence that we are a safe place to visit. As an Incentive to shop and in Celebration of our Re-opening, we are offering, for the first 7 days of opening, Sat. 6/6 thru Friday 6/12, a 10% discount to everyone:

Visit us these first 7 days of opening and receive a 10% Discount on All New Clothing, Scarves, Hats, and Jewelry.