Happy Holidays from Yazdi

Tis the season to celebrate the turning of the light! May we face the new year with determination and courage as we reflect on the Grace that surrounds and permeates all of life…

Yazdi has made it through a most difficult, unimaginable year, thanks to you all of you who have remembered us and who have supported us. We are forever grateful! But the year is not over and the new year will be dark for some months to come. It is a critical time for us and so many other small businesses. Please, if you are giving this year to loved ones, remember us and our beautiful shop full of great gift items. Besides our wonderful clothes, we have lovely jewelry, a large variety of scarves & handbags, hats, shawls, music, and so much more! Not to forget, our Gift Certificates are always a welcome gift. Please enjoy this lookbook of a few of the special things offered at Yazdi this season!