Yazdi Gives Thanks for Wonderful Women

First of all, thanks to you our wonderful customers.  Obviously you make our business go but also, our employees always rate our kind and interesting customers as one of the best reasons to work at Yazdi.  We thank our employees.  Jamie and Michelle are our most valued and trusted managers who guide the clothing ships at Yazdi and Yazdi II respectively!  They are amazing in their ability to create beautiful ensembles and can even remember our customers preferences & previous purchases to assist in wardrobe additions.  What service!  We are all excited for Jamie who is going home to her native Maine for the holidays.  On another note, after more than a year away raising her healthy & darling baby boy Zoley, Jerrica, Yazdi’s long time manager up until last year,  has stepped in again for an occasional shift. We are so very grateful to have her back among us in the shop!  And our former long time manager Solange (as she juggles with pursuing her degree) is currently doing the great holiday decorations for the Wallingford Center, as well as for our shops, which shine with her special touch & love. Many Thanks to her!  Yazdi is blessed with those who are still part of our lives and those that return to be a part again, as did Jackie, who holds a special place in all our hearts for her empathy & integrity & heartfelt attention to each & every person she meets. Our favorite U of W alumni, Dr. Bryn, who now teaches English Lit at Seattle University, continues to favor us by covering on an occasional Sunday & other needy days. We bask in the sunshine of her sparkling energy & goodwill!  Finally, our two most recent additions to staff, Leah & Bridget, at Yazdi & Yazd II respectively, have been with us for over a year now and we could not manage without their unfailing support. Yazdi is truly grateful to our wonderful staff, past and present.