Big News: We have finally moved into our new space!

Big news in Yazdi World! We have finally moved into our new space across the hall from our old space at the Wallingford Center! It has been months in the making, full of careful (and anxious) planning to make our new home as comfortable & beautiful as possible. There is good news in we may have succeeded! We have only been in our new space for a week now and the feedback has been very positive & supportive. We are so very grateful for that and for our customers who have come to us over the many years. It is a smaller space for sure, but so far that aspect has been described as ‘cozy’. We have integrated our plus sizes in with our missy, which seems to be working well. We will continue to carry the very best of the plus sizes. Our rack space is only minimally less that the old shop so we are going forward with the same budget this Spring for beautiful new clothes & accessories.

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