Dress for the Lovely Spring!

We are so enjoying this years’ odd, but undeniable, recurring ‘weekend’ weather pattern of beautiful sunny days when many of us are not having to work! It is inspiring to be able to see the flowers bloom in the sunshine  before they are soaked and sodden with our usual downpours at this time of year.  We are grateful to the lift of our spirits that such a season can bring.  And so we say again, off with the old and come visit us in search of the new! Yazdi is glowing with fresh colors of clothing and accessories. In the last month we have gotten in  a whole storeful of new styles and clothes from our most popular lines, as well as more jewelry, scarves, and summer hats.  It is a particularly good time to shop with us as we still have great size and style selections.
          Our very own Yazdi label clothing line has finally arrived from Bali 2 days ago!  We are very excited to have the jolt of bright colors for summer wear, in great casual styles and fun batiks, all at affordable prices.  Yazdi label clothing are all natural fabrics, wovens and knits, hand dyed and batiked in our own exclusive prints.  They are absolutely one-of-a-kind pieces, easy & comfortable to wear always!